Terms & Conditions

(OR Otherwise Expressed in Agreement)

* All time and mileage charges commence as and when the vehicle leaves the office and conclude when the vehicle returns to the office.


* All taxes, parking fees, etc. (If otherwise expressed) when applicable are payable by the hirer.


  • Weekly rates do not include gasoline. How ever,one full tank is provided at the check out time and to be refilled at the check-in on hirer expenses.
  • Fuel, lubricants and current operating expenses would be provided by hirer at actual.
  • On flat rate: the mileage included in this rate is limited 150 Km per day & 5000 Km per month. Any additional distance is chargeable additionally as agreed before hiring.
  • The chauffeur should be given a break for lunch and for dinner. In addition the chauffeur should be given a minimum break of six consecutive hours during every 24 hours on duty.
This is mandatory safety precaution.
  • Shani Travels strictly prohibits any person driving their vehicle other than their own chauffeur.
  • The chauffeur will drive at a reasonable speed according to his judgement of road conditions and traffic at any particular time/place.
  • Under no circumstances should the chauffeur be pressured to exceed the posted speed limit.
  • When a vehicle is rented out for a week or longer period, whilst every endeavor will be made to retain the same car during such period, Shani Travels reserves the right to replace any other vehicle or chauffeur according to the exigencies of service.
  • Under no circumstances will the vehicle be driven off the road. The chauffeur has the authority to refuse requests to drive vehicles on unpaved road.


  • For cash rentals, deposit equivalent to 100% estimated charges is payable prior to release of the vehicle and the final adjustment will be made upon completion of the rental/travel.
  • Daily chauffeur of Rs.250/- will be charges if the total kilometers used exceeds 100 kms.


Chauffeur Overnight Allowance of Rs.500/- will be charged on vehicles checking in after midnight.


Visa, American Express and Master Cards accepted.


  • Local renters: National Identification card.
  • Foreign renters: Passport or Identification card.
  • Shani Travels reserves the right to refuse rental to any client without assigning any reason.